The seven little spirits worked hard. After they heard that as long as the spirit device was built into the realm of ten souls, they could knock down the Lan Bing Dragon, which had made a splash in the interstellar years (only in the Xingyuan world), and the seven little spirits ignored the small MM, and became a gas refining period in the nameless jiepai space. After a glimpse of the realm, they entered the third realm of Leishan. Use the time ratio inside and the most advanced Lei Shou to understand and hone the divider technology.

Other spiritual practitioners are not as fierce as the Seven Elves. The Seven Elves entered the Leishan Heaven realm, and they were really forced by the Ten-level Lei Shou, the Ten-level Lei Shou and the Twelve-level Lei Shou. They can fight against each other or break through the boundary. Other practitioners don’t have this ability, so they have to enter Leishan the next day.
The training of the second batch of 10,000 Lingqi soldiers, after they walked out of the nameless jiepai space, was thrown to the seven little spirits by Tianxin!
Earth’s nine poles interstellar calendar 2203133.
This interstellar day is an eventful day. On this Star Day, Tianxin originally wanted to go to Leishan Tianjing to review the practice of thousands of Lingqi soldiers, but two bad news came.
The first bad news is bad news. Ten families of the universe failed to compete for the space of Yu Enda. Ten million high-order legions who entered the space of Yu Enda were killed, and less than twenty percent of them escaped. In addition, the army of Simba civilization has blocked the ten-clan celestial waterway in the space of Yu Enda. And continue to send more troops, it is possible to enter the pioneering area where the first ten ethnic groups in the adventure world can’t see a few people.
The second bad news is that the ten families of the universe have already seized the unmanned star domain belonging to the boundary day, and their pioneering army and immigrant army are moving towards the vast star domain at the other end of the snowy and snowy airspace. In addition, the blue three worlds, the pioneering army of the Ten Families of the Universe also showed signs of spreading to the blue central world. Although they are far away from the three-system area, if they are not checked, the blue central world will not exceed five million in the end. In fact, in the blue war, the Ten Families of the Universe took the blue world of five hundred thousand star fields. Due to the strong development of the Ten Families of the Universe, many countries of China are in it.
Both news upset heavenly heart. The first news is that once that Simba civilization enters the desolate pioneering area of the ten families of the universe, it may spread in all directions, and eventually it will spread to the snowy and marshy world of Heaven and Kuntian spirit, and it will encounter the diffusion area of Zhu Tianhua. If this civilization is aggressive, then Zhu Tianhua will definitely have a war with this civilization. This is not a good thing. It is better to say that the war happened late. At that time, many prosperous star cities will be built in the depths of divergence to support the war. If the war happens early, the straight-line Chinese pioneering area at the other end of the adventure world is far away from Kun Tian’s prosperous star domain, and the star defense is a separate star city, how can we confront Simba civilization?
Tianxin didn’t blame the ten families of the universe for being useless. The ten families of the universe will never be weak and fail. There is only one reason: the enemy is too strong, or there is a killer weapon, or something strange happened to the pioneering army of the ten families of the universe. Tianxin decided that for the future security of Kuntian District, he had to go and see and feel the bottom of that Xingba civilization.
The second news, as a little angry. But it’s no use being angry, because many countries in China are under-populated. For a long time, in order to deal with the possible spread of the water-blue central boundary between the ten families of the universe and the emperor, Zhutianhuazhong has always taken a face-to-face development, that is, playing knife-cutting development on both sides of the water-blue central boundary. Now, this ongoing development will be accelerated, and the way to accelerate it is to take half of the pioneering power of the Emperor’s boundary day to the other side …
"Boss. Are you going to ask the ten families of the universe? " Chaduc, head of the blue development affairs, asked.
"No need, the ten families of the universe will not pay attention to it. They have gone far. We ask them to stop their pioneering behavior, and they will only hit the face of China, but they will not stop their pioneering steps."
"The boss, don’t those far-reaching star fields just be occupied by the ten families of the universe!" Chaduc heart extremely unwilling.
"So, next, we can’t use the original way to develop, then. One-size-fits-all area development is changed to cone-shaped hole-making development. In any case, we can’t let the ten families of the universe block our front. "
"Boss, don’t worry, old Saga will definitely keep them out of the central boundary." Chaduc ruthlessly way.
Wind hunting, nebula flying.
The victory of Simba civilization seems to have angered the kings of the ten families in the universe, and at one fell swoop, there were more than one billion legions and one billion military wing. So, in the depths of the ten kingdoms, there are armies walking everywhere.
"malicious. A move is one-tenth of the strength of our Chinese people? "
Go to Yu Enda space alone to find out Simba civilization, as sighed.
However, when Tianxin approaches the space of Yu Enda. Tianxin knows why the ten families of the universe have lost out of the space of Yu Enda, and there are several quasi-boundless smells in the space of Yu Enda.
"This …"
There is a strange light in Tianxin’s eyes.
"Unfortunately, it’s a little too lightly!"
As eyes instantly restore calm. The ten families of the universe probably know the enemy’s strength, so there are a full hundred extreme gods in the billion legion, and there are also 100 thousand stormtroopers in the billion military wing. Storm fortress, the size of the fortress is similar to that of the earth, but in terms of power, it is better than the earth
The fortress is ten times stronger. After all, the ten families of the universe have the experience of fighting with the emperor in the infinite interstellar years. Therefore, in addition to the armor and optical nerve information control platform, the powerful weapon and the Earth-Tai Lianxing Fortress are comparable, but in other aspects, the standard level is not smart enough. Not precise enough, not powerful enough.
For storm fortress. Tianxin has never really seen it. However, some data of storm fortress were obtained on the interstellar network. If the storm fortress is really as described in the data, then the extreme gods will not dare to block its front, and the quasi-boundless people will rely on a dharma body without a powerful multiplier. It’s hard to get a storm fortress in a short time. If you are surrounded by more than 30 storm fortresses, you will have a hard battle. In the army establishment of the ten families of the universe. The lowest imaginary enemy of Storm Fortress is the Extreme God Corps.
It’s even said through the grapevine that, in order to strengthen the fighting resistance of the storm fortress, the Ten Families of the Universe borrowed the celestial spirit shield mechanism of camouflage sky shuttles from many countries in Zhu Tianhua, and also set up a gathering space in the storm fortress. It is said that hundreds of billions of medium and low-order celestial spirits can be transformed into dense energy shields no less than dharma bodies in a unit time.
This may be true. What the ten families of the universe don’t lack most is the low-order god soldiers. Interstellar online joke, if it weren’t for the extreme true spiritual practice, it would never be able to enter the sequence of the army of the ten families in the universe. The implication is that in the ten families in the universe, true spiritual practice is only worthy of being a preparatory soldier. In fact, even the operators of a star fortress in the ten families of the universe are all high-order true devotions, and there is no low-and middle-order true devotions in the sequence of their preparatory troops.
Tianxin concluded that the mainland guy underestimates Yu Enda’s space, mainly from this level. There are four or five quasi-boundless smells in Yu Enda’s space, but there are fewer troops below. Without the appearance of eight million legions, the military wing is ten million, and the wide navigation channel leading to the world of ten families in Yu Enda’s space has a diameter of one million light years. How can we stop the ten families in the universe with only a few quasi-boundless people?
Sure enough, with the assembly of the ten armies in the universe, several quasi-infinite Taoists in Yu Enda’s space are a little panicked. They can rush and kill, but their eight million legions and ten million military wing can’t wait for their rescue. After the collapse of the Eight Million Legion and the One Thousand Armies United Wing, it goes without saying that they will be trapped in the army of ten families in the universe for a long time, and the three navigation channels in the space of Yu Enda will be completely controlled by the ten families in the universe.
The right time, the right place and the right people.
When there is no law and order, there is a lack of land and people, so how can we fight this plane?
After several quasi-borderless people weighed badly, they issued an order to retreat to the Simba channel. Simba channel can’t be lost, otherwise, reinforcements will be blocked from Yu Enda space in the future.
However, in Tianxin’s view, the Simba passage will definitely be lost. Why not? Although the Simba Passage is long and curved, the problem is that the diameter of the Simba Passage is only a little smaller than that of the Ten Kingdoms Sky Passage, which is about 800,000 light years. With such a large caliber, the army of ten families in the universe can be determined by World War I as long as the array goes hand in hand.
It seems that several leading guys of Simba civilization did not estimate the power of the ten families of the universe at all, nor did they estimate that the ten families of the universe were well prepared for the continuity of war. Therefore, after they defeated the pioneering army of the ten families of the universe, only ten interstellar days later, the army of the ten families of the universe arrived, and Tianxin was even sure that when there was war in Yu Enda’s space, the ten families of the universe had already assembled reinforcements.
When armies are at war, they don’t say one thing and two things at all. Simba’s army retreated quickly, and the army of ten families in the universe advanced rapidly. The distance between the two sides became shorter and shorter, and finally forced the other five quasi-borderless people to separate four armies that intercepted the universe.
The army of ten families in the universe didn’t care at all. When they saw four quasi-infinite pathfinders bullying them, 100,000 storm fortresses and 100 million storm fortresses opened the way and fired an avalanche of salvos, the dharma bodies of the four quasi-infinite pathfinders were shot backwards by the storm fortress United.
It’s really a waste for those who have no way to go to war. The four guys who felt the shame roared, and the dharma body energy was sharp, and a few instruments were released to open the way and descended. But they were wrong. When they finally got close to the array of Storm Fortress, eighty extreme celestial legions jumped out of Storm Fortress, coldly looking at the four guys who were rushing towards the fire field of Storm Fortress United, and quickly stepped in. Under the coordinated operation of the Universal Ten Family Legion and the Military Wing, the four quasi-infinite Taoists suddenly caught the road and fell into a tight encirclement, which did not achieve their goal of stopping the Universal Ten Family Army. The army of ten families in the universe only left ten thousand high-order gods, eighty extreme gods and forty thousand storm fortress wings in the same place.
It’s a pity that this fierce battle can’t be seen by the heavenly heart. After the advancing army of ten families in the universe dashed Simba’s army, he had to drop a neurophotographic radar and then quietly followed Simba’s army …
One hundred interstellar days later.
Simba’s world is far away and big, but what makes Tianxin stunned is that this world is hidden deep in the thunder and fire zone, and the thunder and fire zone outside this world, Tianxin can’t explore the bottom with all his spirit and knowledge. After entering the world of Simba, Tianxin found something even more incredible. The system of the Simba world turned out to be imperial, and the Simba world can be called the Simba Empire from this perspective.
After further understanding, it is not surprising that the Simba Empire was founded 500,000 years ago, which unified the Simba world. The emperor was still the original emperor, and this emperor was omnipotent in the description of Simba history books.
"This is obviously a Taoist. The Taoist who founded the country and ruled the country is nothing more than turning from external repair to internal repair. Of course, it is omnipotent."
Tianxin looked at the thunderfire airspace, knowing that there must be a world like Simba in this thunderfire airspace! The ten families of the universe are really going to be baptized by blood and fire this time. This is not only a country established by Taoists, but also a country that has developed for 500,000 interstellar years. Although it has fewer star fields, it only has the appearance of more than 10 million, but it can produce a world where quasi-infinite Taoists can accommodate infinite Taoists. The level of this civilization will not be low anyway.

Chapter five hundred and seventy-nine Fire Thunder Century
The initial collision of Ming dynasty, such as the contact between people, some people have no obstacles to communicate with each other; Some people look at their eyebrows horizontally and look at their eyes vertically, but what they see is wrong. They only have strange fate and no mutual knowledge. Some people are natural enemies, and after knowing each other first, they will sit down and improve their consensus when no one can do it!
Simba civilization and the ten families of the universe will undoubtedly be the latter case. Everyone covets Jinling airspace (this airspace is also a Taoist world, but I don’t know what disasters have befallen the Taoist in this world, so that the civilization in the world still stays in the era of planets and small galaxies), and everyone wants to take this airspace for themselves.
On the surface, this seems to be the reason why the two civilizations will eventually have a war. Actually, it’s not exactly. Tianxin stayed in the world of Simba for about three interstellar days, and then he knew the reason why Simba civilization and the ten families of the universe finally fought each other after more than 200 interstellar years in Yu Enda space. This reason is funny and profound, that is, no one wants to be fooled by anyone. After more than 200 interstellar years of confrontation, they still can’t form a fundamental understanding of each other. At this time, only war, a big war, can peel off the "makeup" on each other’s faces.
After three interstellar days, Tianxin gradually learned something about the Simba world; In the three Star Days, Simba Imperial soldiers were stationed in the autumn battlefield, which not only assembled one billion high-order legions and one billion military units, but also sent five quasi-infinite people, and the army rushed to the space of Yu Enda.
Let’s talk about the level of practice in the Simba world. Because the Simba world is deep in the thunder and fire world, its practice tactic is biased towards the lightning attribute and the fire attribute, and the advanced level of the dharma tactic is very fine, which is comparable to the level division of the universal force tactic of Wanhua Federation. The popular geographical tactic is either the lightning tactic, the fire tactic or the thunder-fire two-gas tactic that combines the two. Levels are as high as 300. From this perspective, those who are quasi-bottomless should be in the bottleneck period of the 299th level, but they have not reached the 300th level because they are still accumulating strength and wisdom.
After reading the formula of Leihuo Pufa in the world of Simba, Tianxin suddenly understood why there would be quasi-infinite Tao in the world of Simba, and there was no case of quasi-infinite Tao in the ten families of the universe so far.