The saints attacked fiercely, and the heavenly heart also fought back fiercely in anger.

Yu Jian first shines with 20 trillion light-years of Purple Sword Hua, stabbing the incoming synthetic attacker domain of all saints at the right point of Shen Ying. Xuanyuguang’s cluster bomb, which was played by Hua Er, attacked the 30-year-old quasi-Lord God of all saints between the expansion and contraction of Shen Ying’s left hand, and ascended the sky to launch its super defense function, moving the edge of Li Yu, emitting radiance, and blocking the quasi-Lord God of the holy world and attacking the synthesizer domain for Tian Shen Ying.
The synthetic attacker domain of the saints is very bad, especially the 30 synthesizer domains that took the first attack task. First, each of them got a bullet from Xuanyuguang Hua Er’s generation cluster bomb, and there was no chance to issue a "meteorite strike", which finally broke out of the high-explosive force field of one billion second-generation cluster bombs in Xuanyuguang. But a bigger blow came, and the purple pole sword that shone through the sky struck, and Rao Shengjie’s attacker domain was strong, and it was also cut open by this sharp sword, and it spread out between moments.
The remaining 270 synthetic attacker domains are a little lucky. However, they didn’t collapse under the purple iron sword and purple pole sword. After being attacked by the purple iron sword’s assistant attacker, all of them appeared cracks, so they couldn’t organize and afford such a powerful trick as "a meteorite strike".
Tianxin can successfully complete the task of attacking the 300-sacred synthetic attacker domain. One is that it is really unpredictable to cultivate the gods and babies in your realm, and the other is that ascended a cloud to make great contributions. In just half a day, I blocked a total of 360 "meteorite strikes" from the synthetic attacker domain for Tianxin Babies. The defense function of ascended a heaven is really not covered under the auspices of the four monsters in the Four Spirits of Taixu. In addition to blocking 360 blows from the fallen gods, he also took several quasi-sacred gold attacks from the quasi-holy Lord God.

Tianxin Baby’s right hand continues to attack the gods and holy warriors scattered in chaos due to the rupture of the synthetic attacker domain with the purple iron sword. He must try to kill the effective forces of the saints before the collapse of the defense of ascended a, to be honest, the defense of ascended a is fierce, but the consumption of Xuanwei Guanghua is also amazing. At this time, Liyu Xuanwei Guanghua has flowed into ascended a world by at least 30%. If such consumption intensifies again, there will be a supply crisis in Liyu Xuanwei Guanghua, which will affect Shenying. Therefore, only the armies of the saints can’t reorganize the synthesizer domain. The defense of cloud nine will be decompressed, and the consumption of Xuanwei Guanghua will be reduced.
Within the scope of 200 trillion light-years sword China, the nest sword of one trillion sword began to circulate, and the purple pole sword China gradually changed into a nine-color sword domain with killing as the main factor. The simple nine-color sword flower includes sword attack, sound attack, heart attack and magic power. Those who are covered by the nine-color sword domain are below the third-level Lord God. Or fly ash, or become an idiot, or attack each other; Above the third-level Lord God, the days are not good either. The trillion-sword nest sword is not damaged at all, including the shadowy purple iron Yu sword. They showed all their gold wares, and the final result was that the low-level gold wares were finished, the fighting form was not complete, and the low-level God even lost his fighting power. The only consolation is that the sword of the Excalibur seems to have finished a lot, and the sword flow shows signs of interruption.
Have to say that high-intensity fighting consumes a lot of materials. Needless to say, if a sword is destroyed, it will be less. However, Xuanyuguang’s Hua Er generation bomb is also in a hurry, and 30 quasi-holy gods in the 30 sacred realms are too powerful, so that Tianxin Baby’s left hand hits out to deal with each of their cluster bombs, and it is necessary to integrate one billion Xuanyuguanghua second-generation bombs. With such consumption, one billion and eight immortals can’t be condensed at all.
As a last resort, Tianxin had to adjust tactics. The attack of purple iron jade sword adds to the disease, and the possible loss of the sword nest sword increases the sweeping efforts against the armies of the saints; Xuanyuguang Hua Er’s throwing of cluster bombs slowed down. In this way, although 30 holy realms will be near the quasi-holy god, with the auxiliary defense of cloud nine, it should be able to support the achievement of Zitie Yujian.
Both sides have been red-eyed at this moment.
Tianxin Zitie Jianyu’s once-changing nine-color sword domain gradually changed back to Ziji Jianhua, which means that after several days of hard work, there are not many swords left in the nest of one trillion swords. This battlefield is cheaper than thousands of magical beasts. Tianxin didn’t have the time and energy to display the spirit blood refining technique. On this battlefield, the shards of the sword in Shangdi’s nest and the shards of the other party’s gold wares, as well as the seriously injured or dead, were absorbed and condensed by thousands of magical beasts. Therefore, this fellow was not only bruised by fierce fighting, but also more energetic and stronger.
However, after several fighting days, the losses of the saints were not as heavy as expected. The sword of heaven breaks the heart and attacks wildly. Because it is quick, Kendo’s nine realms exhibit the first realm of one yuan to open the sky. This move obviously can’t kill many soldiers of the sacred army, but only forces the sacred army to explode gold wares. After a few days of hedging, Tianxin’s one trillion swords were lost. Of course, tens of thousands of pieces of gold in the holy land, except the first-class God’s gold, are all broken and destroyed, and those that are not destroyed have temporarily become scrap iron.
When the sword nest of one trillion swords was broken, Tianxin withdrew the purple iron sword to deal with the quasi-Lord God of the 30 sacred realms, and ascended a cloud to clean up the army of the sacred realms. At this time, the sacred army is in a state of exhaustion even if it is not injured, which is the best time for ascended a sky to display its function of "receiving and photographing".
This is actually a very dangerous tactical change. Without the super defense of ascended a cloud, only by playing cluster bombs and purple iron swords on behalf of Xuanyuguang Hua Er, it may not be possible to disintegrate every attack of the 30 holy quasi-Lord God, and the baby of Tianxin may be injured.
But this is a matter of necessity. You don’t have to take away the first, second and third level gods or even soldiers of the holy land who have almost lost their fighting capacity at this time. When they recover and return to their respective holy land quasi-Lord God camps, nothing is that it will be heavenly heart’s turn to be unlucky. This battle, by this time, maybe the quasi-Lord God of the 30 Holy Realms already knows where their mistakes are. If at the beginning of the war, they would lead the team and defend the purple iron sword, what can’t end now is Tianxin, or Tianxin will be in a state of comprehensive beating. Because, cloud nine can defend again, it is impossible to defend against the attack of 300 synthesizer domains at the same time; Xuanyuguang Hua Er’s cluster bomb can damage the sacred synthetic attacker domain, but it is impossible for the divine infant to attack the sacred synthetic attacker domain at 300 points at the same time. In the meantime, as long as there are 30 or 20 rounds of "meteorite strikes" that hit Tianxin Babies, Tianxin Babies will hurt their combat power, so they have to supply Xuanwei Guanghua in large quantities. In the case of convection of Sanyu Xuanwei Guanghua, this will make Zitie Yujian and ascended a cloud and even lose Xuanwei Guanghua …

Chapter seven hundred and eleven Quasi-holy war (below)
It is the reason why the heavenly heart has to accept the advanced gods of the 30 sacred realms at this time, no matter what, even if the baby is damaged.
The cloud nine suddenly shifted the battlefield, flashed into other places, abandoned the 30-year-old holy god, and jumped on the holy army. At the beginning, all the saints and quasi-saints didn’t know what the force gods were mainly doing. When the nine-fold black hole cast by the force of the nine heavens opened and swallowed up all the holy men, the thirty saints and quasi-saints didn’t react.
Tough decision. Thirty quasi-holy god forced down to stop the idea of ascended a cloud, waving gold to attack the divine world. Undoubtedly, it is a bit beyond the reach to intercept the cloud nine that has gone far. The best thing to do is to keep the Lord of the Force God busy. As long as the Lord of the Force God God has no time to preside over the cloud nine, the tired army of the Thirty Immortals will be safe now.
Indeed, the capturing function of the cloud nine is based on the magical power, and it is equipped with a rather complicated nine-manipulator tactic, both of which are indispensable. Without the magical power, no matter how hard the tactic is used, the cloud nine cannot open the capturing black hole. The light has the power of god, and without the corresponding tactics, the cloud nine may open the black hole, but the function of the black hole will never work.
Fortunately, the actuation of the devices commonly used in Tianxin can be controlled by the device spirit or driven by the deity’s knowledge. The difference is that the devices used in this way can only play the role of devices, but can not achieve the depth of "Dharma" because they are not blessed by the divine power. For example, after the purple iron sword is driven by the spirit knowledge, although the sword dance is lighter, it is impossible to derive the purple pole sword because its power is obtained by squeezing the Xinghe spiritual world and the sword pole world inside the sword, and even the whole surface of the sword that has turned into the maximum state has only a thin layer of sword awn with a thickness of less than 10,000 light years, which makes Tianxin have to temporarily let the nine-day lotus escape in the special sword slot of the purple iron sword, releasing the lotus of yin and yang to replace the purple pole sword. In this way, cooperation or attack can’t increase the power of purple iron sword too much. However, what Tianxin wants is that after the blossoming of the lotus, it can protect the unreal body of the purple iron sword as the purple pole sword.
However, after all, the lotus flower of Yin and Yang is not as strong as the purple pole sword, which is formed by God. Under the attack of the quasi-holy level gold wares of the 30 quasi-Lord God, it is often swept clean like cannon fodder. Basically, it is a little derivative, so that in the whole battle, the purple iron sword seems to be hard to shake the quasi-Lord God’s gold wares with unreal ontology. In this case. HarmonyOS’s sword spirit was extremely hard, and he tried his best to refine the realm. He frantically absorbed energy, and made possible structural repairs to the purple iron sword body which was greatly shaken in time. When the battle reached its worst, the nine-day lotus of Yin and Yang, which existed in two forms of Yin and Yang, was also absorbed by HarmonyOS Sword Spirit, making it the biggest tonic of Zitie Yujian. This is what Tianxin did not expect.
Thirty quasi-holy gods in the 30 sacred realms were also surprised, and they went to the cloud nine and came with purple iron swords. Cloud nine is super defensive, and purple iron sword is indestructible. This powerful God Lord really has some good goods.
Thirty sacred realms allow the Lord God to attack more and more frequently, and they don’t believe it. Their quasi-sacred gold vessels can’t make meritorious deeds, and their attacks will be blocked.
With the acceleration of the attack frequency of the quasi-holy god in the 30 holy realms. Even if Tianxin used clever tactics, the purple iron sword was driven by spiritual knowledge to hit first, and then the baby left hand smashed a cluster bomb of Xuanyuguang Hua Er, which was hit by the quasi-holy god, but gradually there was still a situation that could not seal the attack of the quasi-holy god in the 30-holy world.
The situation is urgent.
Tianxin had to rob Peter to pay Paul, and called thousands of magical beasts to fight against one of the quasi-holy gods in the 30 holy realms. As for the sacred army beaten by thousands of magical beasts, let the cloud nine focus on the primary, secondary and tertiary gods, while the sacred soldiers are ignored. Anyway, these soldiers are recovering their strength, and they don’t have the courage to enter the atmosphere of Liyu, and there may be one or two brave people. The 12,000-strong Nine Heavenly Immortals and the Broken Spacecraft Wing in the atmosphere of Liyu, which are ready for battle, can be invaded and beaten.
The center of gravity of Tianxin turned to the fight with thirty quasi-holy gods in thirty holy realms. There is no doubt that these thirty guys are getting closer to Li Yu step by step, and the threat to heavenly mind and baby is getting heavier and heavier.
Don’t say, holy quasi-Lord God’s unique skill is hard to remember. Remember that it is comparable to the powerful trick of the sacred synthesizer domain, "a meteorite strike". In order to prevent the 30-year-old Lord from advancing, Tianxin even used the Xuanyu Guanghua of the Nirvana Xuanyu Army Corps. Although the Nirvana series of Xuanyu Guanghua bombs has no effect on the holy quasi-holy god. However, its large quantity, when used together with the cluster bomb of Bachongxian Xuanyuguang Hua Er, has obvious blessing effect on the latter, and both the durability and the explosion range are obviously enhanced and enlarged.
It should be said that this is a practice of rushing to the doctor.
Tianxin crazy, looking at 100 million light-years continue to close to the 30 holy world 30 quasi-holy god and the increasing leakage block quasi-holy attack, heavenly mind god knowledge a command to nine women and XuanYu military department, let them mobilize the largest number of XuanYu pioneering corps, and guide XuanYu pioneering corps to gather XuanYu Guanghua bombs, regardless of form, no matter how much, as long as they work hard and bundle them into bombs.
At the beginning of the general mobilization of Li Yu Hua, the supporters of Li Yu’s forces also flew to the chaotic upper bound of their respective forces, releasing Xuan Yu Guanghua and condensing what they thought was the strongest Xuan Yu Guanghua bomb. Among them, there are Xuantianyu Xuanyu Guanghua bombs, Danyu Guanghua bombs formed by the alchemy in the chemical world, and Yuguanghua bombs in the yin and yang world.